Blasphemies and Bloviation

is a collection of eleven short stories, ranging in length from a single page to fifty two pages. Though humorous in tone, the stories reflect the writer's thoughts on the nature of time, as well as life and death, and the soul, as distinct from the corporeal self.

Snoose Boulevard and Points North

is a collection of short stories set mostly in the Snoose Boulevard (Cedar Riverside) neighborhood of Minneapolis roughly from the 1940s through the '90s. The stories are populated by an assortment of winos, hobos, bag ladies and art students. A few of the stories, featuring children and adolescents with a few adults in supporting roles, are set in the logging communities in northern Minnesota during the '40s and '50s. 

snoose cover

World Front Cover

World Enough and Time 

explores the diverging time streams and alternate realities implicit in the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Haskell and Jennifer, childhood sweethearts separated by tragedy, are reunited after twenty years through a second tragedy, only to have their lives ripped away through divergent time streams and alternate realities.

I really hope that you will not be discouraged by my assertion of multi-dimensional time; the concept is not difficult to grasp. My granddaughter, an eighth-grader, had no problem understanding it. She now has a working knowledge of the Many Worlds Interpretation, and she reports that she enjoyed the book immensely.

 Flotsam and Jetsam is a dark comedy in the tradition of Catch 22

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Vanishing Creek, which runs through the fictional village of Hallelujah, Idaho, is unable to contain the unusually heavy spring run-off. The residents -- even as flood waters continue to rise -- remain convinced that the worst is over and go on with their usual activities. Mayor Mitby Sather wants to run for higher office, governor or president or something. Bishop Obediah Twine aspires to the papacy. Since he's not Catholic, he'll have to perform a miracle or something to make God really sit up and take notice. Miss Sympathy Gayle, attractcive but approaching forty, hopes to lose her maidenthood -- with a little help form her friends.

Meanwhile, the Nimi'i puu up in the hills wait patiently for the spirit of The Lake that No-Longer Remembers its Name to exorcise the valley of devils.