Haskell Yngren

occasional taxi driver/fry cook/temp worker and reformed art student, has just been caught staring at the glorious blonde sitting on the far side of the horseshoe bar at the Sly Dog Saloon. He sincerely hopes she doesn't have some bruiser of a boyfriend who will come over and rearrange his body parts.

Haskell Ynggren, highschool freshman and solitary skater, leaves the shoveled rink with its Japonese lanterns and scratchy record player behind and skates down the Bobcat River for a better view of the aurora borealis.

Jennifer Jessup,

pediatric nurse and former runaway, harbors a terrible secret, and now she simply can't believe her eyes. If only she had remembered to crinkle her nose.

Jennifer Jessup, seventh grader, forsaking her best friend, pursues the object of this god-awful crush she has been nursing since forever. It is Saturnalia, after all, and leap-year is nearly over.

Arthur Jessup

 highschool physics and English teacher by trade, and ectoplasmic tour guide by avocation, he is a proponent of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. But he doesn't believe that ghosts have any influence over the material world.

Vivienne Jessup

wife and mother with a mischievous streak, will never admit she has emotions--except, of course, at her daughter's wedding.

Kitty Kat, three-year-old with an undiagnosed illness. She wants a princess dollie for Christmas, and her mother has assured her that Santa Clause will be able to find her at the hospital. But, she will leave her dollie behind when she returns to the womb.

Grampa, Kitty Kat's grandfather and World War Two fighter piilot, had been shot down over Normandy on D-Day. That, and his experience as a part-time soda jerk, have been preparation enough to vest him with the power to perform marriages -- in certain venues.

Lizzy, Kitty Kat's mother. Grampa wants to be with her when she wakes up and discovers that Kitty Kat has slipped away.